Markent serves the needs of Wisconsin manufacturing companies and for over 45 years we have placed thousands of engineers with our clients.  The overall employment for engineers is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations until at least 2032.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 188,000 engineering openings will need to be filled each year on average.  This is due to the impending retirement of Baby Boomers and growth in the profession.  The Bureau indicates that the “median annual wage for engineers was $91,420 in May 2023, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $48,060.”  It further provides the following median salary information as of 2023 for the Bachelors degreed engineers that Markent regularly places with its clients:

Aerospace Engineers $130,720
Agricultural Engineers $88,750
Biomedical Engineers $100,730
Chemical Engineers $112,100
Civil Engineers $95,890
Computer Hardware Engineers $138,080
Electrical Engineers $109,010
Environmental Engineers $100,090
Health & Safety Engineers $103.09
Industrial / Manufacturing Engineers $99,380
Materials / Metallurgical Engineers $104,100
Mechanical Engineers $99,510


These numbers are the median for each discipline and where an engineer falls depends on many factors, including the industry, years of experience, where the position is located, other benefits offered, the average number of hours you are expected to work and if you have leadership responsibilities. Markent tries to help both our client and the engineering candidate come to agreement on a reasonable compensation package based on all these criteria.

About Markent

Markent is recognized as a leader in technical recruiting. Whether you are a technical professional looking for a new position or a hiring authority searching for professional staff, the members of our firm will work diligently to help you fulfill your goals! To learn more about how Markent can help you, contact us.